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X Xue
Austin, TX

X Xue grew up in China, moved to Houston at 8, and then moved to Austin for college. Growing up, he never met someone that had the same feelings as him or even knew that a community was out there for transgender people. He was born female but knew from a young age that that didn’t quite fit. After high school, he initially came out as a lesbian, but in 2013 he came out as transgender and then transitioned to the man he long knew himself to be. Later, in 2015, he came out to his family. His first exposure to the transgender community came from online forums, and he decided to start sharing his journey as a transgender Asian male after not finding many others in his community. Now, he hopes to serve as a role model for transgender people.

“By documenting my transition, it makes other people see, ‘Hey, it’s possible, no matter your race or your background, to be happy, to be successful, regardless of what your parents or naysayers think,” he said. “You can live as yourself, you can find your own family.’”

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