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Wendy May
Micro, NC

Wendy May made history in North Carolina in 2017 when she became the first-ever openly transgender person in the state to run for federal office. Wendy is a transgender woman – that means she was born and raised as male but felt for a long time that she is female, and so she transitioned to the woman she had long known herself to be. Wendy said she was motivated to seek office in the Tarheel State after witnessing the effects of HB2, the notoriously anti-transgender law passed by the North Carolina state legislature in 2016. May was also dismayed at the supposed “fix” to HB2, HB 142, which placed a complete moratorium on municipalities passing nondiscrimination ordinances until 2020.

Wendy believes that Congress needs more diversity and needs to do a better job of listening to constituents and acting in their best interest. “In the federal House and Senate, we need at least one seat at the table to say ‘Stop looking at us as only defined by our sexual orientation or gender identity, and start looking at us as real, serious candidates driven by issues.’ I don’t want to win just because I’m transgender, I want to win because people believe in the issues I want to fight for.”

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