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Tim Trantham
Boise, ID

Tim Trantham is the single parent of DW Trantham, a teenage girl who is transgender. DW was raised as a boy, but she expressed from a very young age repeatedly that she is a girl, and so she transitioned to live every day as the girl she has long known herself to me. Tim struggled with DW’s transition at first, dismissing it as a phase and demanding that his child stop expressing as a female. “I would throw away girly clothes and make-up,” he admitted. “I went so far as to gather up all of the Barbies and burn them in the fire pit.”

Eventually, Tim took steps to educate himself. “I typed ‘transgender’ into the search box and went surfing. What I found changed my life permanently,” he said. Suicide statistics slapped me in the face. Prejudice and discrimination kicked me in the groin. I spent the next few days in recovery from that Google search and a lot of time in self-reflection as well. Then I began my own transformation. I realized it was time for me to change and to save my child! I made BIG changes. I got a new job and we moved to Boise. I gave DW the acceptance for which she had been searching. I told her, ‘You are my daughter and I love you for who you are.’ Today DW is a happy and healthy teenage girl.”

Now Tim stands with his daughter in the fight for LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination protections in Idaho. He has participated in demonstrations and has even testified for nondiscrimination bills in the Gem State. “I told them [legislators] if a man like me can come from burning Barbies to buying bras then certainly a group of highly educated, publicly elected officials should also be able to make a change,” he said. It’s time.

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