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Seranine Elliot
Arlington, WA

Seranine Elliot is an active blogger and social media user who spends time each day sharing her personal story and showcasing her day-to-day life. Seranine is a transgender woman – meaning she was assigned male at birth but always knew that didn’t quite fit, and so she transitioned to the woman she has long known herself to be. In recent years, she has found her true passions: Performance and speaking out for what she believes in. She has performed her own original music, modeled in runway shows and photo shoots, acted on screen, delivered speeches, and opened her life to people on the Internet, happy to help increase acceptance and insight into transgender Americans.

“I think being transgender has given me unique skills,” Seranine said. “I have a lot of experience dealing with people who decide they don’t like me before they even know me. Once people get to know someone who is a member of an out group, they come to better understand, Once people have to interact with you as a person, that’s where the change really happens. That’s why I’m really focused on this. I say, ‘Here’s my life. Do you think I’m worth hurting in this way?’”

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