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Qusair Mohamedbhai & Siddhartha H. Rathod
Denver, CO

Founded by lawyers Qusair Mohamedbhai and Siddhartha H. Rathod, the firm of Rathod-Mohamedbhai won One Colorado’s 2017 #AllyAward for their commitment to fighting for the dignity and freedoms of the LGBTQ community, one of many communities for which they work to create equal access and opportunity.

“At our firm, we strongly believe in intersectionality,” Qusair said. “Many disenfranchised communities share in a similar battle. It’s important for us to stand up for the rights of others.” Siddhartha added: “We’ve been very lucky to have worked on many cases involving LGBTQ people, from Prop 8 protesters to the first transgender employment case.”

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