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Lynchburg, VA

Peter is a veterinary technician and a transgender man who has lived his whole life in Lynchburg, VA. Peter was raised as a girl, and remembers knowing as early as age 2 that he was truly a boy. Later in life, he met other transgender people and realized he could transition to live his life as the man he’d always known himself to be.

In the process of coming out to his friends and family, Peter found that some people were wonderful and accepting, while others cut him out of their lives. He hopes that sharing his experience as a transgender person will help people open their eyes and become more accepting. He’s even had friends who were actively supportive of harmful, anti-transgender policies change their hearts and mind when they realized Peter was transgender. 

As a young transgender person, Peter is working hard to build a life for himself in a state where there are no protections against anti-LGBT discrimination.

“Protections in housing, employment, and public accommodations would seriously benefit me. I wouldn’t have to worry about jobs rejecting me because they found my old name in a background check. Or my boss firing me without warning just because I’m trans. Or whether I’ll be kicked out of a restaurant or movie theater when I’m with friends. Or not being able to move out of my mom’s house because people won’t rent to me. Policies like these would give me the security that everyone else has, which is really all I want. I just want to live my life and be respected. It’s time for that to be a guarantee for all trans people.”

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