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Pedro Reyes
Morristown, TN

Pedro Reyes and Evan McKenna have been through a lot together. They met and became friends while Pedro was a freshman in high school and ran on the same cross-country team throughout high school. They began dating Pedro’s junior year, and they helped educate members of their school community about treating all LGBTQ people with respect.

In 2017, an anti-LGBTQ organization proposed a resolution standing against marriage for same-sex couples in Morristown, TN. LGBTQ young people and their allies became vocal during the meeting, sharing their stories and explaining the negative impact the resolution would have on the mental health and wellbeing of the town’s youth. “At that meeting, Evan and I came to the realization that we could become an example for the LGBTQ+ community in Morristown and the surrounding areas,” Pedro said. Ultimately, the commission voted not to pass the discriminatory resolution.

By Pedro’s senior year in 2019, he and Evan were preparing to attend their Prom together in their rural Morristown hometown. “Although we have overcome numerous obstacles, we are faced with a new series of questions,” Pedro wrote, before listing off, “What colors will we wear this year? How will Evan get home from college (he goes to the University of Notre Dame)? Will we still be the cutest couple at prom?” These are the only questions and worries a teenager should have about their prom – surely, the future is looking bright.

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