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Jonah Saribay
Honolulu, HI

Like so many LGBTQ young people, Jonah Saribay found it challenging to confront his identity as come to terms with his sexual orientation as a gay man. Over the course of many painful years in high school, Jonah denied and then accepted his sexual orientation, fell in love with a boy, grew to understand more about the LGBTQ community, and finally became a leader in the conversations around acceptance, tolerance, and equality in his community in Hawaii through his work at Farrington High School’s Gay Straight Alliance.

“The love and support I received from the many passionate students and staff gave me the strength to come out to not only my closest friends but the entire school,” Jonah said. “That summer I came out to my divorced parents with the help of my oldest sister Brittany, and thankfully they welcomed the news of my sexual orientation with open arms. If not for Brittany being my biggest supporter, I would never have come out to my family. I am so blessed to be born into a family that believes in loving your child for who he/she is no matter what, because many families do not, and I thank the Lord all the time for bringing me into this world to loving people like them.”

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