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Jessie Fischetto
Jacksonville, FL

Jessie and Jamie have been married for sixteen years – and she said he is one of her most supportive allies. Jessie identifies as bisexual. Although she has been married to a man for many years, she finds that people often assume that bisexual people stop being bisexual when they settle down with someone of a different sex – which is simply false. As a bisexual person, Jessie has the potential to be attracted to people of more than one sex or gender – not necessarily at the same time, or in the same way, or to the same degree.

“To me personally, it was normal,” Jessie said. “If I wasn’t meant to be this way, I wouldn’t be this way. I wouldn’t feel this way. When we started talking, I told him [Jamie] right away who I am. I said I’m bisexual, I can’t go back in the closet, I was born this way. We wanted to start really honest and straightforward. He says I changed his life for the better – but no, he changed my life for the better. My spouse loves me and supports me and respects me.”

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