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Jennifer Campisi
Bedford, TX

Jennifer Campisi and her husband live in Texas with their transgender son – so they were worried during the 2016 legislative session, when lawmakers attempted to pass discriminatory and anti-transgender legislation.  Their son is a transgender boy, meaning that while he was born female, he expressed from a young age that he is male, and shortly after kindergarten transitioned to live each day as the boy he knows himself to be. Jennifer said her son’s school has been largely supportive, but her son is still unable to use the boys’ restroom. It’s frustrating for Jennifer to hear public conversation about her child’s life reduced to which restroom he uses.

“It’s unfortunate – but of course, we do have to talk about it,” Jennifer said. “That’s what people are focused on. That’s explicitly what anti-transgender legislation is targeting. I am excited for the day that people get to know these kids and adults and see that they’re just like anyone else. We don’t even really think about the fact that our son is transgender – he’s just our son. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, but if we keep working, it’s going to get better.”

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