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Washington, PA

After struggling for years with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide, Jaden knew he had to make a change. Jaden suffered for many years at the hands of a drug and alcohol addiction and it wasn’t until he turned 30 that he began to make substantial changes to turn his life around. He is now thankful for the help he received, help that ensured his physical and mental well-being. Jaden is a transgender man, meaning he was born and raised as a girl but felt for a long time to be male, and so he transitioned to live every day as the man he has long known himself to be.

Jaden now helps other LGBTQ youth who are struggling with similar issues. “Self acceptance, has been at the core of my recovery process,” he said. “I had many beliefs that I learned over the years that caused me to feel shame and guilt for being who and what I am. Being able to give back to those who had similar difficulties has meant so much and had an immense impact on me and my well-being.”

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