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Gavin Grimm
Gloucester, VA

Gavin Grimm saw his story rise to national prominence when his court case was taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016, following years of making the case alongside the ACLU that his school’s policy prohibiting him, a transgender boy, from using the boys’ restroom is discriminatory. Arguments were never heard in his case, a result of the Trump administration’s rescission of the federal guidance that formed much of the basis of lower court rulings in his favor, but Gavin emerged as a hero, a young man who spent the better part of his high school experience fighting to be treated equally.

“I am often asked if I regret my actions, or if I would do anything differently if I had the chance,” Gavin wrote around the time of his high school graduation. “When people ask that, I immediately think about the hundreds of parents who have reached out to thank me on behalf of their children. I think of the hundreds of young people who have thanked me themselves. I think of the countless #StandWithGavin messages on social media, and the countless hugs and handshakes at school and on the sidewalks of my town. I think of people I’ve gotten to meet and grown to love. I think of how honored I am to carry the voice, in some way, of a community so rich and so colorful and so important. I think of how I’ve grown from that 15-year-old child, sitting in fear as he waits to hear what his future will be, into the young man who stands hand in hand with a huge community as we all prepare to take the next step in this fight. I think of my parents, unwavering and strong as pillars in my success and growth. And I say, ‘Absolutely not.’”

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