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Dr. Brian Dodge
Bloomington, IN

Dr. Brian Dodge is a public health researcher, scientist, and expert on bisexuality, a sexual orientation where a person is attracted to people of all genders. His story is one of resilience and positivity in an environment that has not always been welcoming or inclusive – and he attributes much of his strength to his parents, who have embraced his bisexuality with love, compassion, and encouragement throughout his life. He came out to his family his first year of college – and anticipating a negative response from them, he was happily relieved to find that they were open to and supportive of his identity.

“I was blessed with the best parents in the world – my Dad is an especially great guy,” Brian explained. “Although he grew up in a very modest and conservative family environment, he is the most open, tolerant, and loving person I have ever met. I think it’s how he deals with helping a lot of people with their really heavy problems every day. I’ve learned from him not to sweat the small stuff.”

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