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Col Lockard
Anchorage, AK

During the Fair Anchorage campaign to defend transgender dignity in Anchorage, one transgender boy shared his story publicly, alongside his family, in a campaign television ad. Col Lockard is a student at East High School and a transgender boy, meaning he was born and raised female but expressed from a young age that he is male, and so before entering high school he transitioned to live every day as the boy he has long known himself to be. In the winter of 2018 his face was streamed into living rooms to get the word out about the need to defend basic protections for transgender people.

“I was scared that if Proposition 1 passed, I would be bullied and harassed and that I would also be forced to use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms,” Col said regarding the ballot initiative that Anchorage voters soundly rejected in April 2018. “I’m so glad people voted No on Proposition 1 to protect transgender teens like me.”

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