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Claudia & Rosie Camargo
Angola, IN

Rosie and Claudia have been friends for nearly their entire lives, beginning when Claudia visited her sister and grandmother in Mexico and they met for the first time as young girls. They have been a loving couple since their late teens, although they faced negativity from several family members. Rosie moved to the United States in 2001 so she and Claudia could be together, and now they have a son, Aaron. Despite facing some legal bumps in the road and challenges with immigration – including an incident of discrimination with regard to legal respect for the women’s marriage – the couple now lives happily in Indiana, eager for the day when they’ll be sitting on their porch anticipating visits from grandchildren.

“Life has not been easy,” Claudia said. “But I would go through it all over again, as long as she is the person holding my hand through it all. Our story has changed some people. Now that they know it is not a phase, we are more welcomed in her hometown; I mean, what else can they do after almost 19 years? As always, love wins and conquers hate.”

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