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Clark Ly
Mercer Island, WA

Despite living a life that appeared complete, something was always missing for Clark Ly: “I knew I wasn’t being true to myself,” he said. But things changed when his father passed away four years ago, and Clark’s heartbroken mother moved from the East Coast to Washington to live with Clark. One day the two were watching a documentary about Chaz Bono, a transgender man. “While on the couch, about to grab a handful of popcorn, it hit me,” Clark remembered. “This person who is the same age as me was now becoming the guy he envisioned himself to be. I turned to my mother and gasped, ‘This is me.’ My mom just casually nodded and replied, ‘You were supposed to be a boy.’

Clark ultimately transitioned from the female that he was born and raised as to the man he has long known himself to be, and he’s excited to live in Washington, where LGBTQ people are explicitly protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. “My employer readily supported me and continually strives to create a culture that is diverse and inclusive,” Clark explained. “I have siblings who love me. And what I am most fortunate to have is a mother who has been my biggest champion. She not only expresses her unconditional love but repeatedly comments on how comfortable I am in my own skin now. I will always treasure her words, ‘You are now who you’ve always seen yourself as.’ She believes everyone deserves to live a life without discrimination, to be one’s authentic self and to have the support from those they love.”


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