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Christie & Shawna Gubler
Santa Clara, UT

Christie and Shawna Gubler are a married lesbian couple raising two children in Utah, married . Christie was employed at one time by a major shipping company, one of only two female drivers. When she disclosed her sexual orientation during a conversation with her boss, she was called in a few days later and told she was being terminated. Her union stepped in to defend her, but her bosses fabricated instances of poor performance, and, rather than continue to face hostility, Christie quit, causing a significant loss of income and forcing the couple to sell their condo.

“I asked what I did that was wrong, and I was never given an answer,” Christie said. Shawna added: “My family deserves the same rights as everybody else. Our children deserve a roof over their head and food on their table. They will be deprived if we can’t keep our jobs.”

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