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Bill Moore
Dallas, TX

When Bill Moore’s longtime partner and dear friend Don Zarda passed away in 2014, Bill knew that he needed to carry on Don’s unfinished business by continuing his case against an employer that fired Don because of his sexual orientation. He did, as co-executor of Don’s estate alongside Don’s sister Melissa, and in 2017 Don emerged victorious in his case, with a positive ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, sitting en banc.

“Today’s victory is a wonderful step forward for the country as a growing number of Americans take a stand against anti-LGBTQ employment discrimination,” Bill said at the time. “I wish Don were here to see how he and his case have advanced the movement for LGBTQ equality. I know that he would be humbled to know that bringing his story forward has helped improve the lives of countless Americans who face discrimination at work because of their sexual orientation.”

Bill himself is no stranger to anti-LGBTQ employment discrimination.

In 2000, he was fired from a nutrient company, where he worked in the corporate office. On his desk was a photo of himself and his best friend and roommate, a transgender woman. While he was out of the office, his co-workers crowded around his desk, looking at the photo and laughing at the fact that Bill was close friends with a transgender person. Everyone caught wind of the photo, including the company founder, a religious person who said the company was founded on the basis of Christian beliefs and Christian values.

When Bill returned to the office that day, his final paycheck was waiting for him on his desk. A few days later, his supervisor shared that the owner had fired Bill because of the photograph at his desk.

Now Bill is married to his husband Clint and lives in Dallas, where he owns a MedSpa, the oldest and largest in the city. But the experience of facing discrimination because the people in charge do not approve of LGBTQ people has left an indelible mark on him – and he knows that it is up to every fair-minded American to work against such shameful injustice.

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