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Andrew Jun Donovan
Pleasant Grove, UT

Andrew married his longtime partner Jeff in Washington, D.C. in 2011, and while they were planning their wedding, memories of facing discrimination haunted the men, who are both teachers. Years before, while substituting for a choir program, Andrew was asked by his class of 8th grade girls if he was gay. While he didn’t answer, he did have a portrait of his partner Jeff on the piano, which many students saw. Later that day, Andrew was called into the principal’s office, where he was reprimanded about the conversation about his sexual orientation, and he was quickly let go.

“At the time I was so flabbergasted I didn’t stand up for myself,” Andrew said. “Another teacher who was straight had a slideshow of her wedding on display, and no one cared. But because I have a boyfriend, they viewed it as some kind of mistake. We’re normal people who happen to be a gay couple, but that’s just one part of the trillions of parts that make up who we are.”

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