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Alejandro Ugarte
Atlanta, GA

Alejandro Ugarte is a bicultural, Latino American originally from Venezuela. He loves languages, including English, Italian, French, and Spanish, has two Master’s Degrees, is a devout Christian, and also happens to be bisexual.

Alejandro’s religious upbringing influenced his personal feelings about the LGBTQ community. He quickly received the message that identifying as anything other than straight would lead to significant rejection from his loved ones. When he did confront his attraction to people of the same sex, he sought residential counseling, which had some tenets of “conversion therapy.” Conversion Therapy is a dangerous and discredited practice that purports being able to change a client’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

After those two years, Alejandro’s questions about his identity persisted, and he turned to God to help him answer his questions. Ultimately, it led him to reconcile his faith and sexuality. Today he lives as an openly bisexual man, meaning he is attracted to people of both genders.

“Through the Bible itself, I learned that God loves me as I am,” Alejandro said. “I began to understand the ‘clobber’ passages. For example, Genesis 19 is about inhospitality and violation of human rights, but Chapter 18 is God’s example of hospitality. The word “homosexual” in 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:10 was a mistranslation that took place in 1946 first in the RSV Bible. Also the complexity and understanding of the Levitical passages and Romans 1. I’m grateful to so many amazing authors and resources for contributing to my current spiritual and personal growth, including Kathy Baldock, Matthew Vines, David Gushee, Megan DeFranza, James V. Brownson, and many others.”

Today, Alejandro leads and participates in growing groups of LGBT+ Christians within the U.S. and Latin America. He aspires to create resources and safe spaces for the Latino LGBT+ community, where people can be authentic within both their culture and faith.

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